Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jun 25, 2013 -- 10:15pm

Did you qualify for your trip to Vegas to see Weezer yet?  If not, make sure you listen for the Weezer song of the day so I can help you qualify for that trip to see Weezer live in Sin City.  Then at 7:40 am, again, I’m giving away a $25 gift card to Flagship Fastlube, all happening in my hashstash contest which requires you to just tweet or Facebook your answer with the correct hashtag and win!

In today’s Wrong Wrong Wednesday mondegreen, you THINK you know your Alice Cooper lyrics … or do you?  Check it out below:





So why wouldn’t he love her if her hips were a little bit pointed?  Or was it that her lips were venomous poison?  So confusing!  

And hmm … maybe size really DOES matter?  This study stays so, anyway.  Check out the story, in case you missed it this morning [here].

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