Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Aug 06, 2013 -- 11:31pm

Hope your week is going well for ya!  It’s Wrong Wrong Wednesday so it would only mean that you will have your lyrics right or wrong today.  And today’s pick is coming up in just a little bit.  But first, did you win your tickets to see “Kick Ass 2” yet?  If not I’m giving away another four pack of passes to the advance screening happening next week Tuesday, August 13th at Consolidated Ward Theatres.  Listen and win at 7:40 this morning!

So on to that mondegreen in today’s Wrong Wrong Wednesday.  Think you know your Matchbox 20 lyrics? Think again, listen up below:



So because she only sleeps when training … and she screams, why is her horse so strange?  Or is it that she only sleeps when it’s raining, and her voice is straining? Hmm …

And a note for the unwise - a story this morning - if you’re going to break into this rockstar’s home be prepared to get shot.  Read more on the story regarding the rockstar below, if you missed it, right [here].

And another story out of … guess where … Florida.  Word of advice - if your girlfriend decides to leave you and move out, do NOT call the cops and make up some false story.  Missed it this morning?  Click [here] for more.

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