Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Aug 13, 2013 -- 11:48pm

It’s Wrong Wrong Wednesday and you know what that means … going to test your lyrical knowledge this morning!  First, did you win your date night prize pack yet this week?  If not I’m still giving away a $25 gift certificate to Jose’s Mexican Cafe & Cantina (on Koko Head Avenue), and a pair of passes to see “We’re The Millers” at 7:40 this morning!  Listen and win!

Now for the Wrong Wrong Wednesday mondegreen - and I’m sure you think you know your Stone Temple Pilots lyrics. But maybe you’ll be surprised, you really don’t?  We’ll see … check it out below:




Now why in the world would STP think “Veggie Tales” tells you she’s kinda neat?  Wait.  Or is that she tells me I’m a creep?  

And a Florida woman did her own walk of shame … for none else than implants.  Yes, not waving signs for a team fundraiser or for the food bank, but for her implants.  Read more [here] in case you missed it.

And something else we’re talking about this morning - more drunk news.  When you get picked up for a DUI, make sure you’re sobered up before leaving police headquarters.  This guy … well, obviously wasn’t.  Read more [here] in case you missed it.

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