Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Oct 02, 2013 -- 1:19am

Take on me … a song you’ve heard over and over.  We play it here on KPOI, so you should know the lyrics by now, right?  WRONG!  As you know, I am the all-knowing lyrical guy when it comes to misheard lyrics!  This week’s Mondegreen will be coming up in just a little while.  First, make sure you listen up at 7:40 this morning, because in my hashstash, I’m giving away a pair of passes to the screening of “Aerosmith:  Rock For the Rising Sun” that’s happening on Thursday, October 17th, at Consolidated Ward Theatres.  

Now for that much anticipated favorite rock song?



Now why, oh why, would you bleed gum in a tea?  How gross!  Or wait.  Is it that he’ll be gone in a day or two?  Hmm.

And what’s better than Viagra?  GAS.  Yep.  You got that right.  In case you missed the story (and why would you) this morning, click [here].


And if you’re in your car right now, don’t do this for too long, but look at your cup holder - something else will be coming to THAT cup holder VERY soon.  What, you wonder?  Well in case you missed this morning’s story, read more [here].  

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