Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Oct 16, 2013 -- 12:06am

We’re getting grunge-tastic today as I educate you on some misheard Alice in Chains lyrics, since it is, of course, Wrong Wrong Wednesday!  First, listen up at 7:40 this morning for your chance to your win four pack of passes to the Hana Hou Picture Show screening of Beetlejuice, happening on Wednesday, October 23rd at 7 pm at Consolidated Ward Theatres.

Now for that promised Alice in Chains song … now the below video for their song “Rooster” clearly shows you one thing …



… what you wonder, did it teach you?  That your butt is breathing it’s dying breath?  Yes.  Of course.  Especially if you just had some really good, authentic hot sauce, right?  Wait … or was it that his BUDDY was breathing his dying breath?  Ahh, same thing.


How’s your wallet treatin’ ya? Could you use some extra cash? For some desperate times call for desperate measures and people are selling parts of their own body for cash. According to, here’s some current prices:


Hair - that can go anywhere from $100 -$1,500

Kidneys (technically it’s illegal to sell your kidneys but the black market value is about $15,000

Breast Milk - Mmmmm, $1.00-$5.00 per ounce… get some cream in that coffee

Eggs - $7,000 - $8,500

For you heavy drinkers looking for a new liver - blackmarket value $37,000

So next time you think of hitting the ATM, maybe take a look in the mirror first and see what you can sell… legally of course. Might wanna hold onto that liver…

In case you missed the story, read it in full [here].


And now … you can buy wine for your cat!  The world is complete, right?  Uh, yeah.  It’s called “Nyan Nyan” and it contains Cabernet grape juice, vitamin C and catnip, which means they will get drunk. It actually sounds like Four Loko for cats. Currently it’s only available in Japan, which is a good thing. Because I dunno about you, but I’ve had a few desperate nights looking through the cabinet, searching for an ounce of booze and a few occasions come to mind where if all I had in the house was Nyan Nyan Cat wine? I probably would have at least taken a few swigs. And just hope my cat doesn’t notice. Read the story [here].


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