Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dec 16, 2013 -- 11:36pm

Need some last minute gift ideas?  How about a new album, DVD or BluRay? We’ll take a look at some new releases in Spankin New Tuesday this morning.  OR you can win this week’s huge prize, daily, in our Winter Wonderstash - a stash of holiday goodies worth $200 along with one of my official Walk of Shame ugly sweaters.  You’ve gotta tune in at 7:40 to win!



Last night I took a walk down this one street in Waikele where almost every house had lights and a huge Christmas display. I say almost because there was one house that had Bah Humbug in lights above their garage. Pretty funny, in my opinion. There’s a similar situation in Louisiana where their Bah Humbug neighbor is taking it one step further. A woman put a giant hand giving the middle finger on her rooftop. Neighbors that were offended, climbed up on her roof and cut up her lights and cords. She returned fire by restringing the lights and putting up a second hand giving the middle finger. Hilarious but yes, I can understand that must be hard to explain to a child. Maybe tell them it’s a deformed camel or something. Read more [here] if you missed it.

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