Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dec 18, 2013 -- 12:15am

Be prepared to make room for some punk rock this morning as we set the record straight on some of those misheard lyrics from The Offspring in this week’s Wrong Wrong Wednesday.  And this week the KPOI Hashstash is magically transforming into the Winter Wonderstash - a stash of holiday goodies worth $200 along with one of my official Walk of Shame ugly sweaters.  Wanna win all of it?  Listen up at 7:40 this morning.   

Now for that Wrong Wrong Wednesday song ...



Growing up in the country, I know that this is just a rule of thumb. We're kids, we get asked to come out and play but you're gonna have a lot of chickens running around. If the chickens start pecking at each other, you gotta break 'em apart. Don't want a cock fight on your hands, right? Gotta keep those chicken mouths separated when you come out and play.

Do you ever get desperate for beer?  At first you might say no but then think back to that one outdoor festival and you’re waiting in that hot parking lot… remember? Yeah that’s when you start to get creative for beer trades. Well, the same desperation hit a man in Florida recently when he tried to trade a live alligator for a 12-pack of beer. But he didn’t attempt this trade with a bunch of tailgaters or even an alligator shoemaker. No, this guy attempted to make this trade at a convenience store… an alligator as legitimate currency. I think this guy went about it all wrong. He should’ve somehow lured the alligator INTO in the convenience store and then offer to remove it for a 12-pack. Actually that might even be a job for a 24-pack, and 40 ounce as a bonus.  I’m pretty sure I’m describing a show on the Discovery channel at this point. I’ll stop now while I’m ahead.  Read more [here] if you missed it. 

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