Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jan 07, 2014 -- 9:18pm

It’s Wednesday already, and you know what that means, to help you get you over the hump this week, we’re gonna listen to some Jane’s Addiction while I educate you on some of their misheard lyrics in Wrong Wrong Wednesday.  That’s coming on up in a bit below, if you missed the show this morning.  At 7:40, I’ll be giving away a pair of tickets to Los Lonely Boys in concert at the Republik on Saturday, January 25th at 8 pm.  Make sure you listen so you can get your answer in and win!

And now for that Jane’s Addiction song I promised:


I’m preaching to the choir here, right? We just came out of the holiday season where we had pumpkin pie coming out of our ears. We’re full but we keep on chowing down on that pumpkin pie. It’s delicious. But come the middle of the year, pumpkin is out of season and so the price of pumpkin pie goes sky high. If you don’t have the cash and you can’t kick the craving … what happens? You think about stealing it right? Hey alright, pumpkin pie, it’s mine!


And say it isn’t so … the unthinkable has happened. Kraft is running low on Velveeta cheese. Kraft Foods (KRFT) says it’s simply having trouble keeping up with demand for the gooey, yellow cheese product. Can you imagine a Superbowl without nachos? That’s like Thanksgiving without a… drunk uncle. This is a code red cheesepocalypse we got going on. Click [here] to read the whole story in case you missed it this morning.

And if you’re on facebook, I’m sure you’re seeing how miserable our friends on the mainland are with this cold weather. But one thing the cold weather is doing … stopping prison inmates from escaping. The weather in Kentucky dropped to single digits over the weekend and so when  after a prison inmate escaped from a minimum security prison, he walked into a motel and asked the clerk to call police because he wanted to go back to prison and escape the arctic air. Read more [here].

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