Thursday, January 16, 2014

Jan 15, 2014 -- 11:35pm

Yep, I’ve still got a few more pairs of tickets to see Los Lonely Boys in concert at the Republik on Saturday, January 25th … I’ll be giving them away at 7:40 this morning.  But first things first … in this week’s Missed Connection, it’s a woman’s turn looking for a man that she missed on the road.  Here’s the [actual post on Craigslist], from an actual woman on Oahu, for someone on Oahu:

First off, to the girl who wrote the ad-no reason to get frazzled being caught singing. If you were caught picking your nose… now that’s cause for concern. Does it stop me? Not a chance. I’ll keep digging for that gold.

I’ll take a guess on what you were singing to… probably Lorde, maybe some No Doubt. Either way guys, speaking from experience… you want a girl that sings so if she’s talking about you. Reply to her ad.

And in baseball news this morning, Chicago Cubs fans are upset this week … surprise, surprise, what’s new, right? This time it’s about their new mascot, a cartoon bear named “Clark the Cub.” Fans are saying he’s too cuddly. I don’t blame them for getting upset. It looks like a cartoon character that I’d see during commercials, reminding me to eat my vegetables. or urging me to read or something. Hawaii has had it’s fair share of mascot drama too though. You remember that goofy mascot we had when UH tried to retire the rainbow warrior? People were chucking beers at that guy.  Read the whole story [here].



You remember Beanie Babies, right? I think we talked about them in one of our Throwback Thursdays. The billionaire businessman behind Beanie Babies, H. Ty Warner was sentenced Tuesday to two years of probation, but no prison time, for not paying taxes on millions of dollars stashed in Swiss bank accounts.  Read more [here] in case you missed my story this morning.


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