Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Feb 25, 2013 -- 11:03pm

Happy Spankin' New Tuesday to ya!  This morning on the Walk of Shame, we talk about a new music release from Bret Michaels that comes out today.  But that's not all we talked about!  This whole week, still giving away a four-pack of passes to see "Grease," the sing-a-long, next week Wednesday, at 10 pm (Ward Consolidated Theatres Hana Hou Picture Show).  Your chance to win comes every morning at 7:40 am in my hashstash.  But that's not it!  Here's some of the stuff I did and didn't get a chance to talk about this morning!

It's not HIS time ... former hip-hop/rap star learns the hard way ... click [here] for more.

And more post-Oscar news - find out what literally THREW a producer out of the Oscars ... read the story [here].

Last, with wedding season coming up around the corner, find out what these brothers did to get dates.  Read more [here].

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