Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Jun 03, 2014 -- 12:46am

Veronica Mars fans, this is the day you’ve been waiting for. The new DVD is now available. I’ll hit you with some other new DVD and album titles in Spankin New Tuesday. Then at 7:40, I’ll be giving away another $25 gift certificate to Restaurant Epic on 1131 Nuuanu Avenue.


We’re always trying to get more people voting, right? And rightfully so. It’s a chance for us to be heard. But there’s always that bunch of people who need that extra push to get to the polls. Well I think some businesses out in San Jose might  be on to something. Owners of several marijuana dispensaries are giving away free marijuana to residents with medical cannabis cards. All they have to do is present their "I Voted" sticker or a ballot stub in order to get their free green.

Maybe something to think about right? I mean there was a debate  here in Honolulu that was cancelled last week for the Democratic candidates for Congress due to a lack of interest. Maybe if a business offered some incentives? Doesn’t have to be marijuana. Maybe a six pack of Coors or something? I’m a cheap date.  Read the whole story [here].


If you’re not watching this TV show, I don’t know what to say, you’re missing out. It’s called “Sex Sent me to the the ER” and airs on the Learning Channel … which is the perfect network for this series because in this show, you learn what not to do in the bedroom. The main tool used in the latest episode was a bolt cutter. And yes, it was used on the male in this scenario. I’ll try to spare you of the graphic details here but let’s just say he was wearing a ring, but he wasn’t wearing it on his finger.  And so after wearing the ring for too long, it was stuck and he came close to losing his jewels. That’s where the bolt cutter came in and saved him and his bits and pieces. So again, what did we learn from this is that experimentation is fine … getting a little freaky is fine … just read instructions, seek help if you don’t know what you’re doing and always wear a ring that is the appropriate size. Besides, getting sized for one is half the fun. If you must, read the whole painful story [here].


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