Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jun 05, 2014 -- 12:42am

I’ll be helping the ladies find love this morning with KPOI’s Missed Connection this morning - well one lady in particular.  And in my hashstash at 7:40, your chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Restaurant Epic on 1131 Nuuanu Avenue.

Now for that chance for me to help one particular woman find love this morning.  You can read the actual ad [here].

Tall, dark man in fatigues - w4m (WalMart Mililani)

Caught a quick glimpse across the checkout around 3:30 today. Thought you were tall, dark and handsome. In your forties (maybe) with a design cut into your hair. I am the tall blonde in a long skirt. Single?

A design cut into his hair? Who is he? MC Hammer? Is that one of the 90s fads that came back to haunt us? And even if so, is it okay for a guy in his 40s to do it?  A 40-year old guy with a design shaved on his head … yeah, I’m pretty sure this guy is single.  So tall, dark man stuck in the 90s, just one thing to tell you if you’re listening … Stop, Craigslist time. Get it? Like the song, Hammer Time?

I dunno about you but with two kids, money for me is always tight. So check out this cool list my producer put together of the best and worst items to purchase in June. Pretty useful stuff, check this out:

Lingerie (in case you and your wife still do that kind of thing… newlyweds, I guess) - lots of lingerie companies do semi-annual sales in late June

On to something more manly … grills. Most think that around Father’s Day is the best time for grills. Actually, June is a bad time for grills. If you wait just before 4th of July, retail research has shown you could save as much as 50% compared to what you’d pay right now.

Going Disney - The last weekend of June is the worst time to book a Disney-accessible hotel. Wait til August, where you could save up to 23%.

Okay, one more... Apple products -  June is typically when apple holds its developers conference and so products are refreshed. You don’t want to be buying these expensive devices when prices are going through major shifts because you might be paying top dollar for a product that is about to be considered old a week later.  

eBay advert uses sex doll to sell old car

Genius marketing 101 is what I call this next story.  An eBay post for a second-hand Volkswagen Golf has gone viral after its owner used a sex doll to help sell it. A poseable mannequin called “Sandy” was used to stand in a number of positions inside and next to the German 1990 hatchback. She’s not in scantily clad type of clothing. She’s dressed like a soccer mom and they even use her to point out the areas of rust. It’s so awesome. Sandy’s owner, a married, father-of-three who does not wish to be named, uses the doll for professional purposes because they come ‘without the fuss’ of the real model. What is he really saying here? He’s saying because sex dolls don’t say no, or I’m tired, or not tonight, which is basically why the rest of us buy them. I dunno, that car is a 1990 model. Might wanna throw the doll into the deal. Keep her in the trunk, next to the road flares.   Read the whole story [here].


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