Friday, June 6, 2014

Jun 06, 2014 -- 12:16am

Tom Cruise and other stars have new films coming out today and I’ll be hitting you with more new movie titles to check out this weekend in Friday Flicks.  And how about dinner and a movie?  Giving away another $25 gift certificate to Restaurant Epic on 1131 Nuuanu Avenue - listen and win at 7:40 for your chance to win!


The GPS tracker TomTom issued a traffic report this week with Honolulu’s best and worst days to be on the road.  The worst traffic days for Honolulu are … drum roll … Monday through Sunday. Just kidding. Friday is the best day on the road for morning commuters - worst morning is supposed to be Wednesday. As for afternoon traffic, when you’re hanging out with Hazmatt, Mondays are best while pau hana Fridays are the worst. I know how to eliminate the pau hana Friday traffic. When you clock out on Friday, go straight to the bar. Eat some nachos, watch a live band or two and get home when you get home. That’s called kicking off the weekend in style.  

Marijuana vendors in Washington & Colorado are in some trouble and for once it’s not because of the marijuana. Selling that stuff over is fine, perfect legal… the reason they’re in trouble is because of the names of the pot candy bars they are selling are a little too close to brands owned by Hershey, like "Reefer's Peanut Butter Cup" or "Mr. Dankbar."And so Hershey’s is suing them. Just for fun, lemme see if I can think of some candy bars names that would get Hershey upset… how about Hashish Kisses?  York Peppermint POT-Tee? Cadbury Kegs? I know that last one wasn’t marijuana but thinking about a keg made of chocolate seems very amusing to me.  Read the real story [here].


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