Thursday, June 12, 2014

Jun 12, 2014 -- 1:12am

Gonna help you find love with KPOI’s Missed Connection this morning - well, at least for one of you on Oahu.  And don’t forget to listen in at 7:10 this morning, when I’ll be giving you the qualifying times for KPOI’s summer boarding pass series, Destination 2 - your chance to have KPOI send you to Las Vegas to rock out to Fall Out Boy and New Politics.  Then at 7:40, your chance to win an “Edge of Tomorrow” movie prize pack - including four run of engagement passes to see the movie.

Now for that KPOI Missed Connection.  The actual ad can be read [here].

Below are the contents of the ad:

Credit Union - m4w (Makaloa St.)

I did a transaction there today and was hoping you would have been the teller who helped me, but I was called up by another one. Don't get me wrong, I love the teller that helped me. You were the teller on my left. We locked eyes twice, once while I was being helped, and once when I left. I don't know if you felt the same, or if it was just good customer service but I wish I coulda asked you on a coffee date or something. I hope you or someone sees this and questions you. I talked about a couple of things with the teller who was helping me. I'm just shy and don't want to assume that you were interested, bumbai shame if I get rejected. I hope you were listening and can tell me at least one thing I was talking about to my teller. Hope you see this.

Now my comments: I hope I got to this message in time and by that, I mean there’s a good chance you’ve already moved on and fallen in love with your waitress. Yes, women that work in customer service tend to be nice to you - giving you attention that they normally  wouldn’t give. I don’t mean to squash your dreams of love because that’s not what I’m about. I just wanna see you get hurt. It’s so easy to fall in love with bank tellers … especially American Savings Bank. If I were still single, I would’ve opened up five new checking accounts at every visit just to get a shot as asking them out.  But hey, what do I know. Friendly bank teller, if you would like to “merge accounts” with this guy (that’s sexy banker talk right there). He’s waiting for you on Craigslist.

Here’s your hidden cash update. The twitter-based cash scavenger hunt has expanded beyond California. The five new cities that were added: New York, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas and Mexico City. I’m not sure if Vegas is such a great idea. If you’re gonna give money away, maybe don’t give it to people that are looking to gamble it away. I think Chicago is a good choice though. Oprah has gotta be involved in the Chicago hidden cash. She loves stashing expensive gifts, right? Under their chairs?  Giving away cars, schools, humpback whales … the good stuff. Still waiting on Hawaii though. Hidden Cash, we’re ready whenever you are.  Read the story [here].

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