Friday, June 13, 2014

Jun 13, 2014 -- 7:12am

Looks like the summer blockbusters are taking a break this week. Just two new films hitting theaters today and I’ll give you those titles in Friday Flicks. And then at 7:10, I’ll be giving you the qualifying times for KPOI’s summer boarding pass series, destination 2 - your chance to have KPOI send you to Las Vegas  to rock out to Fall Out Boy and New Politics.  And then at 7:40, I’ll be giving away the last “Edge of Tomorrow” movie prize pack - including four run of engagement passes to see the movie.

You know what I don’t see here in Hawaii? Man caves. Maybe it’s because we’re so short on space here that there’s usually not extra rooms in our houses to create these man caves. Either that or it’s because all my friends still live with their parents. Regardless, a New York man, tried selling his apartment because he was going to move in with his fiance. The place wasn’t selling and so they agreed to renovate.  The guy took the $26,000 budget they agreed on for renovations and turned it into the best man cave, ever.  he outfitted the cave with a custom-built four-player panel board filled with thousands of games. Plus a bunch of other novelties like a gumball machine, an adult-sized race bar bed, a bunch of awesome stuff. When his fiance saw the renovations he made, she decided she’s not gonna be his fiance anymore. Gave back the ring. If I were him, I’d apologize, accept the ring, mourn for about 15 minutes and then pawn the ring, and use that money for a beef jerky dispenser in his man cave, that was the one thing I saw missing. Read the whole story [here].

All you ladies with Hello Kitty tattoos might be regretting life soon with the rising popularity of a new mascot taking over Japan. It’s name is Funassyi - a hyperactive pear. Yeah, you heard me, a pear. This flamboyant fruit jumps up and down, twisting and turning while screaming “I’m so pretty.” It makes sense to me. Hyperactive is a huge part of Japanese marketing … have you ever been to Don Quijote? It’s like crack for your eyes,  everything is so colorful and the products in the aisles are literally screaming at you.  It works though, I always end up walking outta there, having bought something I didn’t even know existed 30 minutes ago. I love it.  But anyway, Funassyi - dancing pear-get it tattooed on you this weekend.  Read the story [here].

I’m not sure if you’ve ever been to Paris but there’s this tradition there for tourists. There’s a famous bridge where couples go. Basically what couples do, is they hang a lock on the fence that sits along the bridge and then they throw the key into the river below as a symbol of their lasting love. Well as you can imagine, the locks build up over time and the fence can get pretty heavy. So heavy that a piece of the fence fell  off. Luckily no one was hurt as the fence fell in the water below but hey, here’s what I’m thinking. If you and your significant other went over to Paris and did the whole lock on the fence thing, and maybe now the relationship is getting a little stale, use this as your way out. Say baby, I think our lock must’ve been on that piece of the fence that fell over. Our love is drowning . . . I’m taking this as a sign, I’m outta here. I’ll give you my new address to forward my Maxim magazine subscription to. Read the rest of the story [here].


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