Monday, June 16, 2014

Jun 16, 2014 -- 7:40am

Last week’s #1 movie, “The Fault in Our Stars” took a hard hit in their second weekend in the box office. Find out which film came out on top over the weekend in the KPOI Hotbox this morning, and at 7:40 I’ll be giving away a four pack of tickets to the Hana Hou Picture Show Presentation of the The Fifth Element.

Let’s talk about toads. Last week, I had to bag up all of my shoes that i had outside my door because our neighborhood toads, for some reason, decided to turn my shoe rack into their own motel. I had those bumpy suckers in 4 pairs of shoes. Disgusting. And so with that in mind, I am surprised to hear this story. Philadelphia is temporarily shutting down one of their residential streets in order to allow toad migration.  Apparently there’s this one street where thousands of baby toads emerge from a reservoir and so a roadblock has been set up for a few hours every evening to be sure these toads don’t  croak … you get it? Croak.

A toad detour. I’ll tell you where that’s NOT happening … Waikele. When I go for a walk, I see ‘em flat as pancakes. Leathery, stinky pancakes. Enjoy your breakfast, by the way.  Read the whole story [here].

There was a police car chase recently. But it was not as exciting as you might think.  Since the getaway vehicle was a tractor. Yeah, this happened in Indiana.  The chase lasted for a few hours and was very slow. The top speed reached was 18 miles per hour. The chase came to an end when the driver was finally tased. What would also have worked … walking up to him and pushing him over. He’s on a tractor, how is it that the chase lasted more than three minutes is beyond me. Read the very slow story [here].


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