Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jun 18, 2014 -- 7:24am

I’ve got a four pack of passes to the Hana Hou picture show presentation of “The Fifth Element” and you can win them at 7:40 this morning … but first I’ve got some Beck for you in this morning’s Wrong Wrong Wednesday.  


If you watch the music video (above), Beck has this hobo looking guy lip syncing the verse. And so of course he’s referencing this hobo in the chorus, about how he’s soiled from head to toe.  Right?



It looks like we might be seeing Coca Cola in a green can. Yeah, get ready for a new Coke. Coca-Cola Life, a stevia-sweetened version of regular Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola has been quietly test-marketing its new beverage in Argentina and Chile last year, and this fall it’s launching in the U.K. Coke Life isn’t exactly a diet drink. It contains more than four tablespoons of real sugar and has about 89 calories per can—less than the 140 calories found in a can of regular Coke. Coke is pretty much giving you every option possible, if you want real sugar but less of it, you go with Coke Life, if you want the artificial sweetener, you go with Coke Zero or Diet Coke. How do you choose? For me it’s simple, you just go with the one that tastes best with whiskey. Case closed.  Read the whole story [here].

Did you know that Dallas is the hometown of Doritos? I had no idea. The reason I mention one of the best snacks on earth is because Dallas was the first city to try the new Doritos Loaded. It answers the question, how can I get more cheese with my doritos? The answer … by filling those triangles full of cheese-hot melted cheese. That’s right ... if you’re planning to swing by 7-11 for Doritios loaded, don’t look for them in a bag, you’ll find them in the hot foods section, maybe next to those warm toquitos and the mochiko chicken musubi. I made myself hungry. Check out the story [here].

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