Thursday, June 19, 2014

Jun 19, 2014 -- 12:50am

It’s Thursday and that means one thing - I’m helping someone on Oahu find love this morning in KPOI’s Missed Connection.  But first, your chance to win a four pack of tickets to the Hana Hou Picture Show Presentation of the “The Fifth Element” is coming up in my hashstash at 7:40 this morning.

Now for the Missed Connection - read the actual ad [here].

Flight from SFO to maui - delayed - w4m

Attractive and friendly meteorologist from SF on my flight to Maui. We almost got to sit together on the 2nd flight (after the first one nearly caught fire :). I have no idea what your relationship status is but really wish I had the chance to talk with you more and ask ;).

The Sailor Girl

Is that supposed to be a hint or something? Was she wearing a sexy sailor outfit? Nevermind, I’m gonna try and focus here. As much as I’m interested in love, I’d like to know more about that fire on the first flight. I would’ve appreciated a mention of the airline in this one … give the rest of us a fighting chance, you know what I’m sayin? I’m not sure which of you is the meteorologist but in either case, it seems you guys had some type of connection so go ahead and contact your Sailor Girl. It looks like there’s love in your forecast-get it?  Because of the meteorologist thing?

Churro Borough

Did you ever take a bite into a churro and tell yourself, “hmmm, too healthy, I wonder how I can really make this bad for me.” Well look no further. Thanks to the Los Angeles-based  company Churro Borough we now have the The churro ice cream sandwich, a treat both crispy and sweet. The churros are flattened into discs and then paired with one of four signature ice cream flavors—horchata, Mexican hot chocolate, vanilla custard, and Spanish latte. I can’t go on. I’m starting to tear up. Please, just take my money. I’ll take one in each flavor.  Good bye, summer beach body. I was so close.   Read the whole fattening story [here].


I gotta give it up for originality on this story. A Michigan man tried to throw a football loaded with drugs and cell phones into the yard of a state prison.  The throw fell short, with the football landing between two fences, not in the yard where prisoners exercise.

An officer at the Correctional Facility saw the man throw the football, and officers arrested the suspect. A football filled with cell phone and drugs, sounds like the guy was trying to throw a hail Mary jane. Read the story [here].


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