Friday, June 20, 2014

Jun 20, 2014 -- 8:26am

Clear your schedule, Liam Neeson has a new film out today, I’ll hit you with more movie titles to check out this weekend in Friday Flicks this morning.  

This week a TV journalist reporting on crime in Oakland became part of the story when she was robbed while on the air.  The journalist’s purse was inside an unlocked news van parked just steps away from the crew and across the street from police headquarters. But when the camera stopped rolling, she learned that someone had swiped the bag. So what did we learn from this story? TV news vans don’t lock their doors so jump on in. I’m kidding.  WHEN I become a TV news reporter, I’m never gonna have a backpack or anything to leave in a car or van. I’ll be the TV reporter rocking the fannypack. Yeah, I’m gonna bring that look back. Plus on TV, you don’t see anyone from the nipples down anyway, right? Fanny packs, folks. Pick one up this weekend … get it in tie-dye if you can.  Read the rest of the story [here]. is rolling out a pricey new service that's causing some double-takes: It promises to match up clients with people who look like their exes. The premise is pretty simple: People send in photos of their former loves, and facial-recognition software then scans the possible matches available to find a close approximation.  Now, my producer and I don’t see eye-to-eye on this one. She doesn’t see why anyone would want someone that looks like your ex. It’s simple. You were attracted to your ex at some point, right? It was probably their behavior that drove the relationship apart. Personally, I’ve dated actresses in the past and if I were single, I’d love to be with women that LOOKED like some of them … minus the crazy. And if can make that happen, more power to them.  Check out the story [here].

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