Monday, June 30, 2014

Jun 30, 2014 -- 7:45am

Did you see Transformers over the weekend? There’s a ton of people who did and we’ll take a look at those weekend box office numbers in the KPOI Hotbox this morning.  And speaking of movies, I’ll be giving away a four pack of tickets to the advanced 3D screening of “Planes Fire & Rescue” on Thursday July 17th at 7PM at Consolidated Theatres Ward Stadium 16.

Over the weekend woman in Kansas, was charged with arson after police say she set her home on fire during an attempt to kill a spider,  the woman told officers she used a cigarette lighter to set some towels on fire, hoping to catch the little arachnid with the flaming towels and burn it to death. I don’t blame her for using towels, but setting them on fire? If she was proficient with her towel snapping skills (you know, like how they do in the locker room) no flame should be needed. You know what’s even worse news… there’s no proof that the spider was killed. Imagine that, an entire house burnt down and the spider escapes and ends up spinning a web in the ashes. Next time just use the #1 insect killer… da rubbah slippah… or I guess in Kansas, they’d call it da flip flop.  Read the whole story [here].

So my birthday is a few weeks away and so around this time every year, I put some thought into how I’m getting older and it’s stories like this that give me hope. The awesome thing about elderly folks is that they are always play it cool, no matter what.  Over the weekend in LA, this guy in his 80s,  is at home and he hears some commotion outside his home. He soon discovered his 85-year-old wife Elizabeth trapped in her blue Honda lying on its side. After determining that Elizabeth was unhurt in the freak accident, Neufeld stood aside the car and smiled for a passerby taking a picture.  This photo is going viral and I’ll post it on our Facebook page if you wanna check it out.  His wife just cruising in the car is hilarious … just to see how calm they are. I love our seniors … just not sure if they should be driving.  Read the story [here].

Rush-hour traffic is a pain, but can it qualify you for a disability? According to a New Jersey woman’s lawsuit, she "began to feel great anxiety and depression, which was especially aggravated by crowded roadways experienced during the heavy traffic of rush hour." The anxiety was so severe that it qualified her as being disabled. She was able to get three months of medical leave. Then when she came back to work, she was demoted and eventually fired and now she’s suing but hey, she was able to squeeze out 3 months of disability. Imagine if we got to file disability for rush hour traffic in Hawaii? I don’t think anyone would be at work. Which is why we need rail, I guess? I don’t wanna get into that debate yet, I’m only on my second cup of coffee.  Read it [here].

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