Thursday, July 3, 2014

Jul 03, 2014 -- 1:31am

I’ll help you find love with KPOI’s Missed Connection this morning, and at 7:40, another chance to win a four pack of tickets to the advanced 3D screening of “Planes Fire & Rescue” on Thursday July 17th at 7PM at Consolidated Theatres Ward Stadium 16.

Now here is this week’s Missed Connection.  You can read the actual ad [here].

Mint Green Range Rover in Aiea - w4m - 27 (Aiea 7-11)

Lol oh my!!! I wish I weren't turning left at the lignt!! You were pumping gas and somehow we caught each others eye!! I'm know there's no way you will see this. But if so tell me what I was driving; and what u did when I turned left I will know it's YOU!

What shade of green is mint green? Mint ice cream is light green but for some reason, a light green range rover sounds insane for I’m assuming it’s a darker green. Anyway, it seems there are positive signals (pardon the pun) to this matchup. The underlying theme is green here. Green range rover, green light (hopefully) which made you turn left, green is also an aphrodisiac so it seems the cosmic forces are pushing you two together. Yeah, I know I don’t usually sound so much like a hippie here but I’m just calling it like I see it. Gas guy, hit reply to your lady on Craigslist and let your love be unleaded.

In the future your 4th of July BBQ checklist might look a little something like this:

Grill - check

Charcoal - check

Super Computer - check

Huh?  Yes,  according to IBM. The company says its Watson supercomputer has analyzed huge numbers of recipes and used its "cognitive cooking" abilities to create a delicious BBQ sauce. You may remember Watson as the computer who went head to head against human opponents on Jeopardy.  Watson uses a database of recipes and then "remixes them, substitutes things, does all kinds of other modifications and generate millions of new ideas for recipes. Watson's creation is called Bengali Butternut BBQ Sauce  and was only bottled for a limited run. I’ll try anything once. But just a warning, if Watson’s BBQ sauce ruins my hamburger, guess what I’m tossing on the grill next.  Read the whole story [here].

With the new Star Wars films being made, fans are going to extreme measures to show their loyalty to the series. A man in England legally changed his name to Han Solo this week. Has his bank accepted his new name? Yep, it’s on his new card. But can he get a passport? No. Han Solo is being denied a passport because his name is based on a fictional character. Ironic, right? A name based on a character who travels all over the galaxy can’t even leave his own country. I guess you could say he’s frozen in his home country. get it? Frozen … just like how Han Solo was frozen in … you know.  Read the rest of the story [here].

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