Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jul 08, 2014 -- 12:38am

Bad Grandpa is out on DVD and Blu-Ray today … finally. I’ll hit you with more new titles to download today in Spankin’ New Tuesday this morning.  Then at 7:10, I’ll give you today’s qualifying times for KPOI’s summer boarding pass series  - KPOI could be sending you to San Diego to rock out to Linkin Park and 30 Seconds to Mars. Plus you win the new Linkin Park CD just for qualifying.  Then more winning continues - in my hashstash at 7:40, your chance to win a $25 Gift Card to Jose’s Mexican Café & Cantina.

You ever open a can of food for your dog or cat and think to yourself, hey, this smells pretty good!  Or even, maybe if you think if there was an apocalypse or something and all the food on earth was wiped out except for a warehouse of dog and cat food… you’d definitely eat that stuff right? Well for a woman in Washington … no apocalypse needed. She’s a pet store owner who's pledged to eat nothing but cat and dog food for a whole month. Actually, you know what really smells good, doggie jerky treats. I could do some of that and a cold beer. What time does PetCo open?  Read the whole story [here].

Were you attacked by mosquitos at your 4th of July BBQ last week? Everybody has their theories or urban myths about what attracts them. Right? They love fat people, they hate fat people, what’s the actual truth? Well, according to newser.com, it’s not so much whether or not you’re obese, but more about the chemicals in your skin … so what you eat can affect mosquitos targeting you. Another thing that attracts mosquitos-toe jam. Yeah, I know that hurts since local style, we rock da rubbah slippahs right, but if your feet are a little rank, maybe lace up for your next BBQ and see if there’s a difference.  Read the whole story [here].


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